man of attraction

“With lots of life experience and testing…he found something that can help incredible amounts of people.”

“I’m blown away by the results I got and how quickly and easily I transformed into this new version of myself.”

“I had read the books and seen the videos, but I would never have done those things in a million years alone. “

Your only desire is to do more and be more.

That’s it.

Maybe you need to work out and you don’t because you have a million bullshit excuses. Maybe you have a business to build and all you do is use your children as an excuse not to do it. Maybe you have a busy work life and all the money in the world but you refuse to take time for yourself out of some fake sense of responsibililty.

Below you’ll find links to full courses. Fair warning, nothing you will learn here is a magic pill that will magically transform your life. You are here to transform yourself, and that takes work. Good luck.

this website contains open source teachings on shadow work and personal alchemization.

I’m confident that you’re too dumb to believe that you’ve stumbled onto the greatest collection of personal transformation material to exist...and that it’s free. You will likely compare this to some other bullshit book you read or another coach you follow on Insta. But let’s be honest...if that worked so fucking great...why are you here? Brush your judgment to the side. Follow the link.

Drop Shadow


“My connection with you was out of this world…This was the coolest fucking thing that ever happened to me.”